Kilo is an ambull lad who is around 9 years old. He has advanced cancer that was untreated for too long and by the time we met it was already inoperable. 


Kilo arrived to live with us under the care of the Hospice in July 2018. He was expected to live just a few weeks, but on 19th July we will celebrate Kilo being with us for a year! He is in foster care with Alexis' parents, and he loves WATER!!!! and STICKS!!!! He loves life. He is a really friendly guy who has not much bad to say about anything. He enjoys walks, playing in water, chasing sticks, destroying branches, playing with his toys, lying with dad as he reads, and his paddling pool. 


We use diet and supplements, a plant-based diet and a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise to keep the cancer at bay, but we know there is only so much we can do and we are up against something that was around long before we knew Kilo. As of July 2019, the skin on the tumour on his leg is stretching and more tumours are growing on his body. We suspect it may also be metastasising into his organs. 


For now, though, Keels is really happy and enjoying all the good moments he can. Until we're gone, we're here, so let's live it, let's enjoy it, right Keels?! 

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