The Hospice

The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice is the first purpose-built multi-species animal hospice in the UK, and is situated just outside Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway. We believe it may be the first purpose-built animal hospice in the world. 

It took us almost three years to make the Hospice come to be. We had to fundraise almost forty thousand pounds to build the hospice, and Adam, partner of founder Alexis, designed and built the hospice almost single-handed. It is now almost finished - delays with a legal issue regarding damage to the septic tank during building has delayed plumbing work so plumbing will not be done until September. 


The hospice has three bedrooms for our residents, and accommodation for volunteers. It also has an office so we can work in the hospice and spend all day with our pals here in their home. 

We still have to raise around five thousand pounds to complete the hospice and finish work on the first purpose-built animal hospice, a home for our friends to have their final comforts and adventures. 


To support our work to complete the UK's only dedicated animal hospice, you can donate to our work here. Thank you.